Steve has a special flair for integrating your message into the program.  An intelligent, yet hilarious commentary is often enough to drive key messages home to your audience.  Steve's outlook is simple, fun and relevant.

Rural Humour in an Urban World

Steve runs a 'mixed-up' farm, somewhere near Double Bumps, Alberta.  His unique outlook on farming, politics, technology and many other topics is sure to add excitement and good times to your next event.

Steve entertains using good clean humour that relates to all audiences with the goal always being a great time for all!

Meet Steve Stubblejumpski.

Steve can address a variety of topics from new machinery, to getting a good deal on fertilizer, to dealing with a banker as well as married and family life.  Even U.S. / Canada relations get a mention, as do current political issues.

Times are changing!  Some are surfing the information highway while others are still waiting for a paved road to the farm.  That's where Steve comes in.  He sheds an interesting perspective on this fast-paced  world and leads us to realize that no matter how hectic life gets,  we can all survive if we have a sense of humour.